Benefits of Using Custom Embroidered Patches in Business

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Customizable items such as mugs, caps and polo shirts play a vital role in your marketing strategies and they also provide a morale-boosting feeling to your employees. With the help of custom embroidery, these items are created with elegant touches and appeal which are both ideal for your company branding and promotion.

So the next time you are about to come up with marketing strategies, don’t forget to include personalized items such as custom embroidered patches in the list as these create positive impressions on prospective customers and at same time, provide your existing clients a valued feeling of appreciation for being loyal with your brand. Here are some of the benefits of using custom patches on your company shirts, caps and uniforms.

1. Durability –

An embroidered patch cannot be easily removed from the fabric even after repeated use or washing and they more durable than silkscreen-printed logos and iron-on patches. This will allow you and your employees to use the embroidered patches for more advertisements and strategies in the years to come. While it lets you save money for annual marketing strategies, it will also let you reach more audience.

Embroidered Patches

2. ROI (Return on investment) –

This is a very popular metric to determine if your preferred marketing strategy is successful or not. By investing a relatively small amount in customizing embroidered patches for your company shirts and uniform, you are already promoting or advertising the services and products of your company to target customers and prospective clients.

This can provide significant impact in terms of boosting your company’s visibility and brand recognition despite having several competitors on the type of industry you’re in.

3. Elegance in appearance –

Adding custom embroidery on your patches makes company uniforms look more professional and elegant. This type of look also reflects on your company’s services and products in other people’s perspective. In other words, custom embroidered patches could create a positive initial impression on others that may lead to attracting more customers which can also result to an increase in sales. By always opting to go for professionally-looking custom embroidery for your patches, you can expect to receive the best positive first impression from different clients and customers.

4. Consistency –

During the initial planning of your corporate marketing strategies, it’s essential to work with your design team in coming up with a company logo that will be used for branding. This includes the selection of colors, fonts and additional patch details that will contribute to a more effective promotion and advertising. From there, you can achieve an increased level of consistency as you exert more efforts in establishing recognition for your brand. If you are able to select the right color, shape and size needed for custom embroidered patch, then you’re on your way to making that lasting impression happen.

5. Morale-booster –

Giving out company uniforms with custom embroidered patches to your employees can boost their morale to work hard for the company. It’s because the custom patches add more validation that the company values the kind of service and efforts they give. What about the new hires? This can make them feel the warm welcome from the company.

Custom Embroidered Patches

6. Uniqueness –

Using custom patches allow your brand to promote its products and services uniquely from others. Company logos are easy to recall that’s why, it’s essential to come up with a unique one for your target audience. Not only that it makes your brand distinct from others, it can also build rapport and start conversation with your existing and future clients.

In coming up with a unique logo for your custom patches, you can add more appeal to its look by using gradient embroidery and specialty threads.

7. Security –

One of the main concerns of every company is the security and there are several ways to enforce security within the organization. Installing CCTVs, emergency alarms, proximity doors and assigning security guards are all part of the security measures that can be done by your company.

Another thing that you can do to add more security is by requiring all your people to wear company uniforms and lanyards within the premises. With the help of custom embroidered logos and texts, you can already distinguish visitors from employees. Not to mention, this will also help in ensuring the safety of all people inside a building during emergency situations.

8. Flexibility –

You are not just limited to shirts and caps when making custom patches for promotional items. You can include jackets, gym bags and towels to reach various types of customers.


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Discovering Hybrid Clubs

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Golf has been a very favorite pastime by many, usually the game is synonymous to the sport of the upper class echelons of society – usually enjoyed by high ranking government officials, diplomats, high profile business magnates, public servants, military officers, and so much more. Golf has also produced a number of athletes and professionals – quite notably Tiger Woods, who has become a household name for the sport.

In the 20th century, golf has been enjoyed by the hundreds and thousands, spawning a great number of golf-related accessories to help players enjoy the sport while enhancing their performance on the fairway.

However, as technology has improved cost-effective manufacturing and the science behind the technology of golf equipment has advanced over the past centuries, more and more people have been introduced to the sport. Furthermore, the merging of iron-wrought and wood-hewn golf clubs have sparked the evolution of numerous golf techniques, from adjusting your body weight, to the grip, to the swing, and eventually to the follow through, have emerged and has been put into practice by beginner and professional golfers alike.

However, the tiers of golf clubs have become more revolutionized as so-called “hybrid” clubs entered the scene. Hybrid clubs, as obviously implied, is a mixture of iron-wrought (irons) and wood-hewn (woods) clubs, forming into one new club that is both irons and woods.

Hybrid Clubs


Irons are golf club types used in the sport of golf to drive the golf ball into the home. While usually having smaller stems or shafts and even smaller club heads, the whole club is made from iron which helps the player control his/her force when carefully guiding the golf ball into the hole. Irons have a flat, skew-angled side to drive the golf ball into the wanted direction. Irons are also usually maneuvered to a number of situations, usually to get the ball out of field hazards such as man-made water bodies or a ball that’s driven under soft sand, and also used from the teeing grounds or until the roughs as players walk to the blue grass, or the “greens”.


Woods, on the other hand, have longer shafts and larger heads. Woods are usually made to drive the golf ball to long distances. Woods heads are made from hardwood, with usual material being persimmon. Modern woods clubs are made with a mix of metal and other hard alloys, such as titanium and carbon fiber for that added durability and strength on impact to pilot the ball higher and farther, depending on the swing of the golf player. Because of the modern day woods being mixed with metal, golf players affectionately call these clubs as “metals” or “metal woods”- not to be mixed with the irons.

In the 20th century, the most popular wood material in creating the woods were ash wood or beech wood; however, there were early manufacturers who have already incorporated the use of metals in the traditional woods clubs, but it did not sell until the 1980s when Taylor Made, a leading golf equipment manufacturer, revived the manufacturing process of incorporating metals into the woods and produced the “Pittsburgh Persimmon”, which was sold and permeated the golfing market in the 80s.


Hybrid Club

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs, as the name suggests, is a mixture of Irons and Woods. Although woods and irons are not exclusively made with their namesake’s materials, hybrids offer the best of both worlds – hybrids feature the characteristics of its parents, mixing the swinging mechanics of the irons while having the familiar control of woods clubs.

Hybrid clubs are the newest type of clubs, therefore there is no standard design over the manufacturing of hybrids. Furthermore, it may be hard to distinguish hybrids from either woods or irons since some manufacturers may tweak the design of irons by adding two or three more woods club features and market them as hybrids.

In terms of performance, hybrids carry the same distance as some of its woods counterparts, but also has a considerable higher carrying angle than its irons cousins.

Hybrid clubs also offer more versatility by acting as substitutes for players who are unsure of which clubs to use in a given situation, an example would be hybrids may be used as a replacement for fairway woods clubs or as long-shafted irons when a golf player does not feel comfortable to use irons as a calculative move.

Rock Bottom Golf offers a variety of golf clubs, whether they may be irons, woods, or even hybrids to the beginning golf player and to the aspiring athlete. Rock Bottom Golf orders from top manufacturing companies to ensure its highest qualities to deliver performance and customer satisfaction in every swing. With the long hours of every golf game, Rock Bottom Golf promises to deliver durable golfing clubs with insurance to wear and tear- especially with hybrids. With a large number of clubs to choose from, Rock Bottom Golf holds a library of golf clubs that matches every situation when the players steps on to the fairway.

Winning on a Whim: Why Garrison Wynn Wins the Audience

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“It does not matter how smart you are if nobody knows what you are talking about.”

While it’s common for us to see a motivational speaker aiming to sound smart with big words and usage of theoretical models and applications to prove a point, there are some that go for honest and accurate observations, with simple lay-man terms that are well-researched and backed up and considered credible sources without getting too heavy on facts, and leaning more on practicality and common sense. Precise, on-point, yet somewhat amusing, light and humorous, that is where motivational speaker Garrison Wynn comes in and takes the show.

His speaking trademark to inspire has gotten around and given him a good reputation for building up communities, companies, and the common people with his power play on words.

What makes him different in his brand of motivational speaking is that he doesn’t simply aim to motivate, but to entertain and be informative as well.

His industry specific empowerment aims to enable its listeners to think of the many possibilities in their area of work, to achieve higher, and to keep going no matter what. Despite the idealisms, he also mixes in realism in terms that he keeps the captivated audience grounded on what’s to come, the options to take, the paths to consider, the risks, and the joyous rewards at the end and knowing that all the hard work would eventually pay off.

Hire Motivational Speaker

His influential topics go from managing work environments, enjoying your job, cross-working with other generations, stress being optional at work, even being the best versus constantly being chosen. These various work-related topics which are grounded on reality and practicality makes even low-level entry workers or the CEO of a company to consider and evaluate their progress in their career, and their path in the industry, and whether it is something they consider doing for a long time feeling as much passion and zeal as they did starting on the first day. It also gives them something to consider whether they’ve been doing things well so far, and whether they can do better than what they’re doing now.

As an entertainer, humor and playing with life-related themes comes in pretty well and eases its way in the speeches, making one comfortable and relaxed knowing the talk would be light and pleasing to the ears and mind, yet heavy with substance for one to think and ponder about the ideas discussed and presented. Also, the commitment to giving the audience accurate information, objective facts, outcomes and solutions just makes for a pep talk filled with significance that establishes important links on the audience and what their roles and functions are in the field, as well as the field itself being just as important as its workers.

A good motivational speaker, like Wynn, aim to energize the audience with vitalizing truths, brings them on a journey where everything is possible, but also keeping note that not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the industries they’re in.

Motivational Speaker

The line of professionalism and getting down to the level of the listeners makes for a good balance, seeing as he lets everyone know he’s an expert, yet influences and persuades the audience that he’s just a human getting by, but doing so much seeing as he believes in himself. He always aims to challenge and provoke the listeners to think and go beyond the comforts of their boxed up comfort zones, to think outside the box and go past traditional practices.

Speaking in public, in front of renowned establishments and groups is not a walk in the park; having the guts to move the audience with mere words is something magicians or skilled eloquent soothsayers would be capable of. And skilled speakers like Wynn actually do win audiences over with his charismatic aura and method of bringing back the energy and life to people in events or seminars with his pep talks, making him a rather unique and one-of-a-kind motivational speaker.

As we’ve seen time and time again, no one wins the audience quite like Garrison Wynn.


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Applying for a modification of a loan agreement is an easy process. It only requires the lendee to make a statement that he is having difficulty in paying the loan, and to present certain documents verifying his incapacity. However,car-loan-modification (1) it becomes a difficult one when both the lender and the borrower are pushing their own terms and conditions for modification. It also becomes even more challenging when a lender may have more than one borrower.
If all of them will apply, it may take time to know whose application will be approved.



To apply for a Long Island loan modification, a borrower must do the following:

1. Know if he is qualified
Before starting to do anything, he must know if he is qualified for a Long Island loan modification. Most lenders require that he must have a steady flow of income and sufficient budget to qualify. This is very important because even if he shows concretely that he is indeed financially incapable of paying the loan, his application will not be accepted because he is not qualified to do so.images (1)

While some lenders only require the presence of stable income and sufficient budget, there are some who impose strict requirements in order to protect their interests. These strict requirements are the following:

  • Presence of either a loss of income, an increase in expenses, or verifiable bankruptcy.
  •  Having a steady flow of income other than   unemployment benefits.
  • Owning properties which can be used as collateral in case he fails to pay the loan despite the modification.
  •  Not receiving a modification for a previously incurred loan.


2. Make a hardship letter
A hardship letter is a document made by the borrower stating his current financial condition and the surrounding circumstances that makes him incapable to pay the loan. As part of the requirements for a Long Island loan modification, the letter must show the following:

  •  A statement saying that he cannot pay the loan on its due date.
  •  A specific reason why he experienced either an increase in expenses or a decrease in income. Some examples of these reasons include unemployment, divorce, death of a family member, or a serious illness.
  •  The steps that he will take to manage his financial crisis.


3. Plan a course of action to manage the situation
After making a hardship letter,

the borrower must now think of a plan on how he can manage his financial condition.images (2) This includes reducing his spending on luxurious and unnecessary items, looking for other sources of funding to pay the loan, and saving a part of his budget for payment. This is important in the process because it will show that despite being unable to pay the loan, the borrower does everything he can to at least try.


4. Talk to the lender
The borrower must talk to the lender after his application is being processed. He must explain to him that he cannot pay the loan in time because of certain circumstances, and that he is doing everything to manage his available resources. Communication is essential to prevent the lender from thinking that he is not doing anything to lessen his burden.


5. Wait for the application to
After submitting all the required documents for a Long Island loan modification, he must wait for the images (4)results of his application. While waiting for the approval, it is best for the borrower to look for alternative sources of funding in case his application ends up disapproved. It is also best for him to think of modifications to offer if his application is approved.

As soon as the application is approved, the borrower should proceed with saving money and starting to pay the loan.